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Loka Wellness : Indian Street Food Festival
Category: Community

Loka Wellness : Indian Street Food Festival

Indian Street Food
Festival - $20
Proceeds donated to American Red Cross for
Hurricane Relief
Sunday, September 24, Noon till 5 pm
Children Under 12 Free
Venue :
11100 W 122nd Terrace,
Overland Park KS 66213
Presented By
OliverTree Fine Oils&Vinegars / Loka Wellness
Tickets at or eventbrite
Idli * Dosai * Uppuma * Chicken Tikka * Paneer Tikka * Kara Vadai * Kulfi * Chai


591: Basic Competence Can Be a Strategy

Category: HBR - Harvard Business Review

Raffaella Sadun, a professor at Harvard Business School, explains why seemingly common-sensical management practices are so hard to implement. After surveying thousands of organizations across the world, she found that only 6% of firms qualified as highly well-managed — and that managers mistakenly assumed they were all above average. She is a c...

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