OMG! This super hilarious speech of Akshay Kumar written by Twinkle Khanna at Vogue awards will leave you in splits

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She is Mrs. Funnybones for a reason and if her book wasn’t proof enough, here is another way Twinkle Khanna[1] entertained the audience of the awards gala with her quirky writing. Her hubby and action superstar Akshay Kumar[2] recently won an award for the ‘Most Beautiful Man of the Decade’ at Vogue awards that was held in the city. While Twinkle wasn’t a part of the glamorous evening, she wrote a speech for the actor that wasn’t any less than a fun ride for the audience.

Explaining the secrets behind Akshay’s fit avatar in a quirky manner, Twinkle Khanna wrote a speech that has now gone viral and we must give it to Akshay Kumar for reading it with a poker face and adding to the fun element. His speech read, “I would like to thank Vogue for this great award, to my overpaid trainer [who’s sitting right over there] and my underpaid cook – a big thank you for helping me maintain this – the ‘Beautiful Man of the Decade’ body which I have. A part of the credit should also go to the fact that I did not have to carry my two children for nine whole months. My stomach did not have to stretch elephantine proportions and then deflate to a small paunch with stretch marks and saggy skin that no amount of dieting can eradicate. So, I am eternally grateful to my wife for sacrificing her own vanity and producing our wonderful children and saving me from ruining my figure which would have ruined my chances of winning this award.”

The speech also ended on a funny note, as it added, “It is time for me to wind this up because it is really not fair that I always reach home late and I should not take anyone so much for granted. But before I leave, I would once again like to thank my beautiful, talented wife for her enormous support and for getting her to write the speech for me as if she had nothing better to do.”Akshay Kumar was presented with the award by none other than his co-star of many films Karisma Kapoor.


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