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TRIUMPH Monthly Newsletter from Perfect Tutors | February 2017

Hope the month of January was a great one. Be positive and optimistic towards life, so that opportunities keep coming in. We are glad to bring forth our February 2017 newsletter, "Triumph". Join our competitive programs and take advantage to score well.
Happy Learning!
Director, Perfect Tutors

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Utilize Your Time Well During Exams 

When it is exam time, you need the quietest corner where you can concentrate on your studies. Even a small noise irritates you and you tend to get bogged down. So what you can do to gain maximum attention span. Below are some of the tips that can work for you:  
1. Look for a peaceful place to study. A peaceful atmosphere is required for serious studies.
2. Always understand the concept first and then learn it. Mugging can give you short term gains but it may not be beneficial in the long run.
3. Learn your answers aloud to grasp things fast.
4. Answer without looking to your notebook. If you know the basic concept then you can write it in your own way.
5. Jot down the important points that you should not forget and keep revising,

Secrets To Excite Your Child For Math

Use these tips to help your child getting excited about math. Your child’s skills and confidence in working with mathematical concepts will improve with routine practice, support and encouragement from you. Here are some simple things that can help your child to energize:
✔ Help your child use math everyday
✔ Be an example
✔ Monitor your child's math homework
✔ Be acquainted with the current learning standards
✔ Pay attention to details
✔ Play math related games everyday
✔ Read books that incorporate math

Regular Math At Home is A Must

As per the new research, proper positive talk related to math at home can cut the link between parents’ uneasiness about math and children’s low math achievement. Be vocal about math with your kids at home and you will find that gradually kids will start taking interest in math.

Programs @ Perfect Tutors

We at Perfect Tutors have always been trying to help and guide our students to a significant level in Math and the success of our students is a testimony to the effectiveness of our programs.
Our ongoing classes:  
» ACT/SAT Math & English
» Pre-Calculus/Algebra
» Geometry
» Math Olympiad
» Math Kangaroo
» Grade Level Help-1st to 8th
» Advance Math
» English Reading & Writing
» Spelling Bee

SAT/ACT Math Classes

Classes for SAT/ACT Math have started at Perfect Tutors. If you really want to score exceedingly well in SAT/ACT Math part then do join our classes and get benefited in a big way. The 3-month SAT/ACT Math Crash Course from Perfect Tutors will get you amazing results.

Our Success Stories

Read what parents said about Perfect Tutors during one of our open houses.
"Perfect Tutors has made learning fun."
"My child likes coming to Perfect Tutors."
"I like your approach to tutoring, the girls were previously at Kumon but did'nt see an improvement."
"English and penmanship were her lowest grades until coming to Perfect Tutors. Now they are her highest grades."
"My daughter was struggling in math until coming to Perfect Tutors. Now its her best subject in school."
"My son has gained so much self confidence since starting at Perfect Tutors."

Puzzle of the Month

A cyclist drove one kilometer in three minutes with the wind on his back and drove the same way back against the wind in four minutes.
If we assume that the cyclist always put constant force on the pedals, how much time would it take him to drive one kilometer without wind?
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Answer to January Puzzle
SIX - 9 (IX) = S
9 (IX) - 10 (X) = I
40 (XL) - 50 (L) = X
=> SIX

Do You Know

Grasshoppers Have Ears on Their Bellies
Grasshoppers have their auditory organs in an unusual place, i.e. on the abdomen. On each side of the first abdominal segment, tucked under the wings, you'll find membranes that vibrate in response to sound waves. This simple eardrum, called 'Tympana' allows the grasshopper to hear the songs of its fellow grasshopper.

Quote of the Month

"Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don't give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people." - Tena Desae

Recommended Reading


Tell Me A Riddle

Author - Tillie Olsen
It is a collection of short fiction. The stories are inexhaustible and can be read over and over. They are packed with emotion, passion, intensity and conviction of truth, beauty of language and originality of techniques that they cannot be erased from the mind.
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